Zoe Parrish
Occupation Caterer
Spouse(s) Colin Parrish
Relatives -
Played by Dorothy Atkinson
First appearance Series 4, episode 4 (1991)
Last appearance Series 6, episode 10 (1993)

Zoe Parrish was the wife of firefighter Colin Parrish, who appeared in London's Burning from series 4 through series 6.


Zoe came home to find her neighbours trying to move a sofa, when the sofa caught fire. Colin Parrish arrived with the fire brigade and took an instant shine to Zoe. She was also impressed when he tried (albeit unsuccessfully) to rescue Mabel's pet budgie. He returned that night, ostensibly to find out whether the budgie had returned, and asked Zoe out for a date. However, she was not amused when instead of taking her out to dinner or a dance, he took her to a Millwall match, and she ran out on him at the end of the night.

When Colin's probationary period ended he held a party to celebrate and, cajoled by the watch, Kate Stevens persuaded Zoe to come. The night ended with Colin and Zoe being caught kissing in the garden shed by his mum. Their relationship continued and while on a night with the watch out on the coast, Colin drunkenly telephoned Zoe and proposed to her. However, he could never muster up the courage to tell his mother that he was getting married, so Zoe left him. Eventually Colin's uncle Jaffa had to do it.

After they were married, Zoe frequently bickered with Colin's domineering and over-protective mother for spending time on a catering course rather than cooking him dinners and doing his washing. She once turned up at Zoe's catering class to give her a piece of her mind, started wrecking the place and threw a bowl of chocolate syrup over her. Zoe was heartbroken when Colin's legs were crushed on a shout and he was forced to leave the Brigade.


See also: Zoe Parrish/Appearances

Zoe appeared in 17 episodes of London's Burning between 1991 and 1993.

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