Placeholder person
Occupation Clothes merchant
Spouse(s) Unknown
Relatives Nick Georgiadis (nephew)
Ariadne (niece)
Played by Dimitri Andreas
First appearance Series 7, Episode 1 (1994)
Last appearance Series 10, Episode 18 (1998)

Yanni was Nick Georgiadis' uncle and the godfather of Nick's cousin Ariadne. Along with the other elders of the family, Yanni had wanted Nick and Ariadne to marry, but when she subsequently married Pedros, he warned Nick to stay away from her. He realised that they were having an affair and appeared at Blackwall to once again warn Nick to back off. Ariadne visited Yanni to plead with him to leave them alone. He also claimed that Pedros was the father of her baby and not Nick's, and demanded it be put to a blood test. However they got into a row and she fell down some stairs, and subsequently died of her injuries. Nick and Yanni appeared to make their peace in later episodes as he once again set about trying to find him a wife.


See also: Yanni/Appearances

Yanni made 18 appearances in London's Burning between 1994 and 1998.

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