Two Tone
Two tone
Rank Firefighter
Station Lewisham
Spouse(s) Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Played by David Baker
First appearance Series 9, Episode 10 (1996)
Last appearance Series 9, Episode 14 (1996)

Firefighter Warren, known as "Two Tone", was a firefighter who worked for the London Fire Brigade's internal mail service. He delivered some new computers to Blackwall, where he was met by Pitbull, who told him to "shove them up [his] arse" and then joked about computers being "white man's magic". Two Tone made a complaint which led to Pitbull being disciplined. He was also unhappy when he found out that Recall, as Blackwall's union rep, was defending Pitbull, despite Recall persuading Pitbull to plead guilty, so as to spare Warren having to go to the hearing.

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