The Complete Fourth Series DVD
Series 4 dvd
Release Date 15 January 2007 (UK)
Episodes 10
Discs 3
Picture 4:3 / Colour
Sound Mono / English
Subtitles None
Region 2 / PAL (UK)
Classification 15 (UK)
Extras "Stunts and Stars" documentary


  • Blue Watch meet their new Station Officer, who soon makes his mark, and get another new recruit, Recall.
  • Major incidents include a plane crash, an explosion at a marina, a coach crash, a hotel fire and a huge warehouse fire which leaves two members of Blue Watch trapped.
  • Elsewhere, Sicknote decides to enter politics, Colin finds romance and Malcolm gets a new lodger.

Disc FeaturesEdit

Disc 1Edit

Disc 2Edit

Disc 3Edit

Main CastEdit

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