Rank Leading Fireman
Station Borough Street
Spouse(s) Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Played by Richard Walker
First appearance Series 2, Episode 1 (1989)
Last appearance Series 2, Episode 6 (1989)

Leading Fireman Connors, known as "Scouser", was a fireman at Borough Street Fire Station.

In the past he had received a commendation for bravery. As the senior hand at Borough Street, he was the dominant influence in the watch. When John Hallam became temporary station officer at Borough Street, Scouser was acting sub officer.  Hallam found that the officers there, led by Scouser, were racially abusing a black firefighter, Desmond Maddox, calling him "Monkey Nuts" and "Sooty". The abuse culminated in them tying Maddox to a ladder and propping him over a pool of water. Scouser then kicked the ladder, forcing Maddox's head underwater. He was pulled out unconscious but survived.

In the subsequent hearing Scouser tried to claim that he had taken Maddox under his wing and that the incident was just "a bit of a lark" gone wrong. However, the tribunal, presided over by the Chief Officer, steadily established what had really happened. Scouser was left in complete silence when he and his fellow officers were found guilty of gross misconduct and dismissed from the Brigade. Scouser was later arrested and charged with attemped murder for the Maddox incident.

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