Peter Groves
Placeholder person
Occupation None
Spouse(s) None
Relatives Clare Wilson (mother)
Mike Wilson (step-father)
Steven Groves (brother)
Melanie Wilson (step-sister)
Played by Rory McNicholl (series 2-3)
Jago Peachey (series 4-8)
First appearance Series 2, Episode 2 (1989)
Last appearance Series 8, Episode 4 (1995)

Peter Groves was the son of Clare Wilson (nee Groves) and her first husband. He had a brother named Steven. He was later the stepson of Clare's second husband Mike 'Bayleaf' Wilson and stepbrother of Bayleaf's daughter Melanie Wilson. He and Steven often argued with Melanie. In one episode a firework went off in Peter's face and he almost lost an eye.


See also: Peter Groves/Appearances

Peter Groves made 22 appearances in London's Burning between 1989 and 1995.

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