Paul Scott
Occupation Theatrical producer
Spouse(s) Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Played by Richard Syms
First appearance Series 1, Episode 2 (1988)
Last appearance Series 9, Episode 11 (1996)

Paul Scott was a producer at POPS (Penge Occasional Players Society) who often collaborated with Bert 'Sicknote' Quigley and his wife Jean on stage productions.


He and Bert fell out after he chose the group's newest leading light Dominic to play the lead in The Student Prince, and Bert accused him of accepting a bribe from Dominic before resigning from the society. They were reconciled when Dominic was injured and Paul had to coax Bert into taking the part after all. They reunited in series 5 for a production of Richard III, with Bert in the title role. This time Jean was left fuming when Cynthia was cast as Richard's wife. In series 9 Paul was in prison for embezzlement and persuaded Bert to put on a production of MacBeth inside, which he used as a cover to escape. However, he was soon recaptured.


See also: Paul Scott/Appearances

Paul appeared in 11 episodes of London's Burning between 1988 and 1996:

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