Patrick Davis
Rank ADO
Station Unknown
Spouse(s) Karen
Relatives 2 children
Played by Douglas McFerran
First appearance Series 10, Episode 5 (1997)
Last appearance Series 10, Episode 14 (1998)

Patrick Davis was Assistant Divisional Officer (ADO) in the London Fire Brigade's Health and Safety department.


Patrick Davis was commissioned to conduct a thorough health and safety inspection at Blackwall and despite Blue Watch's fears that it would be used an excuse to close down the station, his report was largely favourable, with the exception of the kitchen, particularly "organic matter" that Billy and Gregg had put in Sicknote's Chinese herbal remedies. Maggie was so affronted that she walked out of Blackwall.

Patrick had previously had an affair with Carole Webb in health and safety. They renkinded their relationship, though she broke it off when she discovered that he was still married. By way of revenge, she visited him at his house when his wife was home and made him sign a document confirming that he was rubbish in bed.


See also: Patrick Davis/Appearances

ADO Davis appeared in 10 episodes of London's Burning between 1997 and 1998.

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