Micky Medhurst
Occupation Criminal
Spouse(s) None
Relatives Jim (father)
Dulcie (mother)
Kevin (brother)
Venetia (sister)
Played by Demetri Jagger
First appearance Series 2, Episode 1 (1989)
Last appearance Series 8, Episode 15 (1995)

Micky Medhurst was the brother of firefighter Kevin Medhurst

In Series 2, Micky and his friends started a campaign of hoax calls to an emergency at their school. Kevin suspected Micky to be responsible and Micky threatened to give him a real fire, which earned him a punch from Kevin. Micky and his friends eventually started a fire in a portacabin at the school, they tried to flee the scene but George managed to grab Micky while the others got away as a result Micky is sent to a young offenders institute.

In Series 3, Kevin takes Marion and Damien to the young offenders institute to visit Micky where he blames Kevin for letting him get locked up.

Mickey next appears in Series 8, when he is seen stealing a car in Birmingham, and dumps it near Kevin's house boat. He asks Kevin if he can have money and somewhere to stay, claiming the money was for food and beers. However, Micky is seen with a drug dealer, looking to buy drugs. Kevin believes it is only low level drugs, but Remy tells Kevin it has to be something stronger. 

In Series 8, episode 8, Micky is desperate for money, and rifles through Kevin's house boat. He then heads to Blackwall wearing Kevin's jacket, stolen from his boat. He looks around the station, and is confronted by Maggie where her locker is kept. He sees that she has her bag, and he pushes her over and she bangs her head on the locker. He makes off with her bag, which also contained her wedding ring. 

In Episode 9, Kevin finds Maggie's ring in his jacket. He tells Remy this, and she tells him he should give it back to her. She also wills Kevin to hand him into the police, but Kevin is reluctant.

In Episode 11, Micky calls the station looking for Kevin, but he tells him to leave him alone and not contact him. Geoff overhears the conversation and become suspicious, and tells Hallam and then tells Nick.

In Episode 14 and 15, Micky attempts to join Remy in bed, but she reveals later that she attacked him for it. She calls Kevin at the station, and he then goes to make a statement to the police. Micky sees Kevin at the station winds up Kevin by saying that women 'Always leave him', an enraged Kevin lunges at him but is restrained by the police. Micky then is taken back to prison. The police later turn up at the station with a photo of Micky to show Maggie, not wanting to cause Kevin any more trouble, she pretends he isn't the one who attacked her. 

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