Below is a list of all the firefighters who appeared in London's Burning, including those at Blue Watch, other watches and senior officers.

Blue WatchEdit


Rank Portrayed by Years
Lloyd Anderson Firefighter Roger Griffiths 1986
Lesley 'Charisma' Appleby Firefighter Gerard Horan 1986-94
Kenny 'Rambo' Baines Firefighter Jerome Flynn 1986
Dan Barratt Leading Firefighter Brad Gorton 1998-00
Adam Benjamin Firefighter Sam Callis 2001-02
Gregg Blake Firefighter Steven Houghton 1997-98
Mick Callaghan Station Officer Anthony Green 2002
Roland 'Vaseline' Cartwright Firefighter Mark Arden 1986-89
John Coleman Station Officer Edward Peel 2000-01
Malcolm Cross Leading Firefighter Rupert Baker 1986-92
Sally 'Gracie' Fields Firefighter Heather Peace 1998-02
Nick Georgiadis Station Officer Andrew Kazamia 1991-98
George Green Firefighter Glen Murphy 1988-02
John Hallam Sub Officer Sean Blowers 1986-96
Chris Hammond Station Officer Jonathan Guy Lewis 1998-01
Josie Ingham Firefighter Katharine Rogers 1986-91
Andreas 'Ethnic' Lewis Firefighter Gary McDonald 1986
Stuart 'Recall' MacKenzie Firefighter Ben Onwukwe 1991-02
Charlie Mead Firefighter Terry Alderton 2002
Kevin Medhurst Firefighter Ross Boatman 1988-95
Frank Mooney Firefighter Tristan Gemmill 2002
Jack Morgan Firefighter Clive Wood 1996-99
Chris 'Skippy' Newman Firefighter Brad Clayton 1996-97
Colin Parrish Firefighter Stephen North 1990-93
Geoff 'Poison' Pearce Leading Firefighter Michael Garner 1993-02
Bert 'Sicknote' Quigley Firefighter Richard Walsh 1986-00
Billy Ray Firefighter John Alford 1993-98
Sally Reid Firefighter Sara Powell 1993-94
Craig Ross Firefighter Leon Black 2002
Tony Sanderson Firefighter Treva Etienne 1988-90
Rob 'Hyper' Sharpe Leading Firefighter Connor Byrne 2000-01
Ronnie 'Hi Ho' Silver Firefighter Fuman Dar 2000-01
Kate Stevens Firefighter Samantha Beckinsale 1990-92
Sidney Tate Station Officer James Marcus 1986-90
Joe Walker Firefighter Jim Alexander 1998-00
Carole Webb Sub Officer Zoe Heyes 1996-98
Mike 'Bayleaf' Wilson Firefighter James Hazeldine 1986-96

Other firefightersEdit

Name Rank Portrayed by Years
Vernon 'Clingfilm' Chivers Firefighter Chris Larner 1995-98
Melissa Clarke Crew Commander Kate Odey 2001
Raymond 'Pitbull' Derby Firefighter Al Ashton 1995-01
Duffy Sub Officer Andrew Livingstone 1989
Dave Grant Station Officer Barry McCormick 1996
Peter Jonah Station Officer (FIU) Shaun Curry 1993
David 'Liver Salts' Andrews Firefighter Ross Kemp 1988
Desmond Maddox Firefighter Valentine Nonyela 1989
Carmen Miller Leading Firefighter Nimmy March 2000
Gary 'Technique' Pagnall Firefighter Craig Fairbrass 1990-91
'Jaffa' Parrish Firefighter Alan Talbot 1989-00
Scouser Leading Firefighter Richard Walker 1989
Sparky Firefighter Gooey Law 1991
Two Tone Firefighter David Baker 1996-97
Webley Firefighter Arthur Kelly 1991

Senior officersEdit

Name Rank Portrayed by Years
Baxter ACO Roger Blake 1995-98
William Bulstrode ACO Gareth Thomas 1989-94
Tom Chapman DO Graham Sinclair 1996-01
Patrick Davis ADO Douglas McFerran 1997-98
Griggs DO Simon Merrells 2000-01
Frank Petrie ADO A.J. Clark 1988-89
Eddie Quinn DO Mark Moraghan 1995
Dexter Ross DO Oscar James 2002
Scase ADO Cliff Howells 1989-95

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