This is a guide to all 170 episodes of London's Burning, plus the 1986 television pilot.

# Synopsis Airdate
Movie Pilot. Josie Ingham joins Blue Watch and tensions on an estate erupt into a riot 7 December 1986
Series 1
Episode 1 Two robbers cement a yuppy into his toilet and Blue Watch raise money for charity, which is then stolen. 20 February 1988
Episode 2 Blue Watch conduct a safety inspection at a Clothing Factory. 27 February 1988
Episode 3 Charisma meets Donna and is later injured at a chemical fire. 5 March 1988
Episode 4 Tate suffers a breakdown and goes AWOL. 12 March 1988
Episode 5 Blue Watch are taken hostage by armed intruders. 19 March 1988
Ding Dong Merrily Christmas day at Blackwall. 25 December 1988
Series 2
Episode 1 Kevin's brother Micky makes hoax calls to Blackwall. 22 October 1989
Episode 2 ADO Scase arrives at Blackwall and soon ruffles feathers. 29 October 1989
Episode 3 Blue Watch deal with a leaking nuclear container. 5 November 1989
Episode 4 Blue Watch rescue workmen trapped under scaffolding on the banks of the Thames. 12 November 1989
Episode 5

Tate faces disciplinary charges brought by Scase.

19 November 1989
Episode 6 Hallam has to testify at the racist officers' disciplinary hearing. 26 November 1989
Episode 7 It's Bonfire Night and Blue Watch are on high alert. 3 December 1989
Episode 8 Vaseline drowns during a river rescue. 10 December 1989
Series 3
Episode 1 Josie leaves Blue Watch and probationary fireman Colin Parrish joins. 30 September 1990
Episode 2 Blue Watch tackle a fire on a ship. 7 October 1990
Episode 3 Blue Watch are called to a train derailment. 14 October 1990
Episode 4 Malcolm rescues a man buried in a trench. 21 October 1990
Episode 5 Two window cleaners are trapped in a high rise cradle. 28 October 1990
Episode 6 Kate Stevens joins and Blue Watch free a morbidly obese man who has suffered a heart attack. 4 November 1990
Episode 7 Bayleaf receives his 20 year service medal. 11 November 1990
Episode 8 The watch deal with a flooded funeral parlour and Tate retires after failing a routine medical. 18 November 1990
Series 4
Episode 1 A small aircraft crashes in central London. September 29, 1991
Episode 2 Blue Watch attend a fire at a recording studio and George gets married. October 6, 1991
Episode 3

Blue Watch meet their new Station Officer, Nick Georgiadis.

October 13, 1991
Episode 4 The pump crew stand by in Kent and Colin finds romance on a shout. October 20, 1991
Episode 5 Children on half term are involved in a number of incidents, including a coach crash and a lift accident. October 27, 1991
Episode 6 Blue Watch deal with an explosion at a marina. November 3, 1991
Episode 7 Blue Watch are called to a fire at a hotel. November 10, 1991
Episode 8 The watch hold a charity pram race for Recall and Laura's son Jamie. November 17, 1991
Episode 9 Blue Watch are called to a huge 20 pump fire at a warehouse. November 24, 1991
Episode 10 The search for Bayleaf continues and Hallam shows signs of PTSD. December 1, 1991
Series 5
Episode 1 A group of youths cause carnage at a fairground. September 27, 1992
Episode 2 A child is trapped in a burning car. October 4, 1992
Episode 3 Kate helps locate a missing girl and Bayleaf climbs a crane to talk down a suicidal man. October 11, 1992
Episode 4

The pump crew help a woman who has been locked out of her house and Karen kidnaps Melanie.

October 18, 1992
Episode 5 Nick delivers a harrowing speech at a Chamber of Commerce dinner. October 25, 1992
Episode 6

Blue Watch tackle a blaze at an underground garage and Malcolm reaches a decision about his future.

November 1, 1992
Episode 7 A worker on the Thames Barrier suffers a heart attack. November 8, 1992
Episode 8 'Blackwall Blaze' play their basketball match and the lads go on a drunken bender at the seaside. November 15, 1992
Episode 9 A prank on Colin backfires and Blue Watch are called to an explosion at a nightclub. November 22, 1992
Episode 10 Colin finds a bomb and Bayleaf brings Melanie home. November 29, 1992
Series 6
Episode 1 New recruits Geoff Pearce and Billy Ray are still settling in at Blackwall and Bayleaf crashes the appliance. October 3, 1993
Episode 2 Hallam and the Fire Investigation Team investigate a suspected arson. October 10, 1993
Episode 3 Blue Watch are called to an accident at a refrigerated warehouse. October 17, 1993
Episode 4 Nick is injured on a shout and Pearce loses control of the situation. October 24, 1993
Episode 5 Scaffolding collapses at a building site. October 31, 1993
Episode 6 George takes part in an unlicensed boxing match. November 7, 1993
Episode 7 Blue Watch tackle a major blaze at a petrol station November 14, 1993
Episode 8 Sicknote has to climb a roof to rescue a mother and her baby. November 21, 1993
Episode 9 Bayleaf prepares for the verdict on his dangerous driving charge. November 28, 1993
Episode 10 Colin is injured on a shout. December 5, 1993
Series 7
Episode 1 Blue Watch are called to a fire at a young offenders institute. September 4, 1994
Episode 2 A blind woman is trapped in a burning library. September 11, 1994
Episode 3 Scase returns to Blackwall and Pearce helps deliver a baby at an accident. September 18, 1994
Episode 4 Kevin rescues a policeman stuck in a swamp. September 25, 1994
Episode 5

Recall and Laura are finally reunited with Ben.

October 2, 1994
Episode 6 Blue Watch deal with a fire at the city farm and Sally gets a visit from the drug squad. October 9, 1994
Episode 7 Billy chats up a stripper during a safety inspection at a strip club. October 16, 1994
Episode 8 Hallam trains on the fireboat and Blue Watch deal with an armed woman. October 23, 1994
Episode 9 Nick rescues a boy trapped down a deep well. October 30, 1994
Episode 10 A bomb is discovered near the station and Hallam's crew gets stuck in a lift. November 6, 1994
Episode 11 Charisma returns to Blackwall and the watch tackle explosions at a gas depot. November 13, 1994
Episode 12 George is guilty about Jaffa's injury and Billy faces dismissal. November 20, 1994
Episode 13 Blue Watch are called to a flat full of exotic pets and Nick is still morose about Ariadne's disappearance. November 27, 1994
Episode 14

Sicknote arrives at work wearing a hairpiece and Nick flies to Cyprus to find Ariadne.

December 11, 1994
Episode 15 Blue Watch hold their charity raft race and Sally decides to transfer away. December 18, 1994
Series 8
Episode 1 A group of yobs hijack a bus. September 3, 1995
Episode 2 The team are called to a fire at a supermarket. September 10, 1995
Episode 3 Blue Watch play a football match and rescue a naked man trapped in his bathroom. September 17, 1995
Episode 4 A protester gets stuck on a high rise chimney. September 24, 1995
Episode 5 Kevin gets a new neighbour and Blue Watch tackle a fire at a Chinese restaurant. October 1, 1995
Episode 6

Pearce goes AWOL after a row about Patti.

October 8, 1995
Episode 7

Ariadne is still in a coma and Jean causes a car crash.

October 15, 1995
Episode 8 Micky assaults Maggie at the station and Blue Watch tackle a huge fire at a warehouse. October 29, 1995
Episode 9 A letter bomb is sent to an animal testing plant. November 5, 1995
Episode 10 A bomb explodes at a pharmacy and Hallam and Jenny get closer. November 12, 1995
Episode 11 Blue Watch train on the fire helicopter. November 19, 1995
Episode 12 The watch free a hamster from a tuba and deal with an underground gas explosion. November 26, 1995
Episode 13 Bayleaf leaves the Brigade. December 3, 1995
Episode 14 A scorned lover douses himself and his rival in petrol and threatens to torch them both. December 10, 1995
Episode 15 Everyone attends the opening night of Bayleaf's restaurant. December 17, 1995
Series 9
Episode 1 An unstable man starts at fire at his ex-wife's house and Sicknote receives his 20 year service medal. September 1, 1996
Episode 2 A group of men try to rob a security van. September 8, 1996
Episode 3 Billy moves in with Recall and Jack saves a drowning man in a swimming pool. September 15, 1996
Episode 4 Sandra learns of John's affair with Jenny and a fire breaks out during the shooting of a music video. September 22, 1996
Episode 5 Hallam is seriously injured after a fall. September 29, 1996
Episode 6

Blue Watch are still in shock after Hallam's death, Pearce ponders the future of Blackwall .

October 6, 1996
Episode 7 Blue Watch deal with a hoax caller at the hospital. October 13, 1996
Episode 8 The new Sub Officer, Carole Webb, arrives at Blackwall and Recall is elected the new union representative. October 27, 1996
Episode 9 The crew deal with a suspected chemical spillage. November 3, 1996
Episode 10

Nick attends a conference and Blue Watch get a new member, Skippy.

November 10, 1996
Episode 11 A cyclist is superglued to his bike and Skippy talks down a young woman threatening suicide. November 17, 1996
Episode 12 A cabbie gets his arm stuck in a urinal and Recall grudgingly defends Pitbull at his disciplinary hearing. January 12, 1997
Episode 13 Marianne visits Blackwall on an exchange trip and Blue Watch help a thief crushed under a forklift. January 19, 1997
Episode 14 Pearce applies for another job and Billy gets beaten up by Lauren's pimp. January 26, 1997
Episode 15

The watch free a man stuck up a tree and unveil a plaque in memory of John Hallam.

February 2, 1997
Series 10
Episode 1 Blue Watch deal with a flooded art exhibition and a fire at a private railway. September 14, 1997
Episode 2 George returns to Blackwall after his layoff. September 28, 1997
Episode 3 Nick arrives in the Netherlands and rescues a drowning woman. October 5, 1997
Episode 4 Blue Watch are called a shout at a car lot and Sicknote buys a metal detector. October 12, 1997
Episode 5 The watch rescue a woman trapped under an advertising billboard. October 26, 1997
Episode 6 Blue Watch rescue two men stuck on a hydraulic platform. November 2, 1997
Episode 7 Sicknote, Maggie, Clingfilm and Gregg perform at the talent night. November 9, 1997
Episode 8 Billy's sister Jo goes missing. November 16, 1997
Episode 9 Blue Watch rescue a man stuck in a chimney and Carole learns she may be transferred away. November 23, 1997
Episode 10 Nick saves a man hanging from a ladder and Sicknote joins a protest movement. November 30, 1997
Episode 11 George and Pearce make a shocking discovery in a flat and Billy gets into a fight. January 4, 1998
Episode 12 Blue Watch rescue two boys trapped in a rubbish dump and Billy is charged with murder. January 11, 1998
Episode 13 The watch save a man stuck on a bungee rope and are called to a fire in a science lab. January 18, 1998
Episode 14 The watch are called to help a man trapped in a telephone booth. January 25, 1998
Episode 15 The pump crew get caught up in a mini riot and Recall and Jack have a fight. February 1, 1998
Episode 16 Billy decides to take some leave after a shout at a school. February 8, 1998
Episode 17 The pump crew are sent to standby at Upham. February 15, 1998
Episode 18 Gregg is injured during a huge fire at a bus depot. February 22, 1998
Series 11
Episode 1

Nick is promoted to ADO and Blue Watch gets three new members: Dan Barratt, Sally Fields and Joe Walker.

September 12, 1998
Episode 2 Jack and Recall are freed from the blaze, and the inquest into Dan's orders begins. September 19, 1998
Episode 3

Blue Watch free a trapped burglar and meet their new Station Officer, Chris Hammond.

September 26, 1998
Episode 4

Dan and Clingfilm rescue a deaf man and Jean has a surprise for Sicknote.

October 3, 1998
Episode 5 Joe and Sally get closer and Recall joins a dating agency. October 10, 1998
Episode 6 Chris feels the pressure when a new senior officer arrives at Blackwall. October 17, 1998
Episode 7 Joyriders cause a car crash. October 24, 1998
Episode 8 Chris and Nick continue to clash and a cinema fire ends in tragedy. October 31, 1998
Episode 9 Blue Watch are still in shock when they are called to rescue a man trapped in a silo. January 10, 1999
Episode 10 Lisa makes hoax calls to Blackwall and the team deal with a fire at a school. January 17, 1999
Episode 11 Blue Watch rescue a puppy stuck in a pipe. January 24, 1999
Episode 12 Maggie takes in Joe and Hammond's problems mount up. January 31, 1999
Episode 13 Dan is trapped on an unstable scaffolding and Jack learns where Linda and Stephen are. February 7, 1999
Episode 14 Jack suffers a breakdown while on a shout and George faces dismissal. February 14, 1999
Episode 15 Chris calls the police on Recall and Blue Watch deal with a incident involving a fuel tanker and horses. February 21, 1999
Episode 16 Sally takes her probationary exams and the team tackle a fire on a ship. February 28, 1999
Series 12
Episode 1 A group of students stage a protest on HMS Belfast and Recall is accused of assault at a hotel fire. January 9, 2000
Episode 2 Rob 'Hyper' Sharpe joins Blue Watch and Fiona proposes to Geoff. January 16, 2000
Episode 3 Chris rescues a man stuck in a window cleaner's cradle and Geoff finally has an answer for Fiona. January 23, 2000
Episode 4 The pump crew attend a shout at a mortuary and Sally tries to talk round a woman threatening to commit suicide. January 30, 2000
Episode 5 Recall attends his disciplinary hearing and the crew are called to help three men trapped under rubble at a building site. February 6, 2000
Episode 6 Blue Watch deal with a major road traffic accident and its judging day in the best-kept fire station competition. February 13, 2000
Episode 7 A group of residents protest the demolition of their homes and Chris gets some bad news. February 20, 2000
Episode 8 Recall is reinstated at Blackwall and Geoff and Fiona's wedding day arrives. February 27, 2000
Episode 9 Blue Watch's new Station Officer arrives and they are called to an RTA caused by bickering drug dealers. March 5, 2000
Episode 10 The RTA escalates into an armed stand off involving Dan and Joe and George walks out on Kelly. April 30, 2000
Episode 11 Blue Watch are called to rescue people trapped on an upturned pleasure boat. May 7, 2000
Episode 12 Hyper has a surprise announcement for the watch. May 21, 2000
Episode 13 A magician gets trapped in his own magic cabinet and a young boy gets stuck on a ferris wheel. June 4, 2000
Episode 14 Pearce and Pitbull clash over Bruno and Blue Watch deal with a fire at a nightclub. June 11, 2000
Episode 15 George, Dan and Joe receive their medals and the watch attend an incident at a disused swimming pool. June 18, 2000
Episode 16 Disaster strikes when Blue Watch deal with a huge blaze at a Chinese warehouse. July 9, 2000
Series 13
Episode 1 Blue Watch move to new premises and Fiona goes into labour. January 21, 2001
Episode 2 Pearce and Recall are still trapped after the explosion. January 28, 2001
Episode 3 Blue Watch deal with a light aircraft crash and George is accused of theft. February 4, 2001
Episode 4

The team have problems when called to a fire at a foreign embassy and Blue Watch get a new Crew Commander.

February 11, 2001
Episode 5 Melissa makes an immediate impression and George learns he is to be transferred to staff. February 18, 2001
Episode 6 The watch save a cat trapped under the floorboards and Hyper's quick thinking saves Pearce at a pumping station. February 25, 2001
Episode 7 Sally is still in shock and finally comes clean about what happened. March 4, 2001
Episode 8 George is injured on a shout. March 11, 2001
Episode 9 Bateman confronts Sally and Blue Watch tackle a blaze in a tunnel. March 18, 2001
Episode 10 The crew are still dealing with the tunnel fire and Adam gets a shock at a warehouse fire. March 25, 2001
Episode 11 Eve's christening doesn't go as planned and a familiar face returns. April 1, 2001
Episode 12 Pearce is heartbroken about Bruno and Hi Ho takes it badly when a woman they rescued dies in hospital. April 22, 2001
Episode 13 The Watch buy Pearce a new dog and George finally makes up with Andie. April 29, 2001
Episode 14 Adam is arrested and a youth club is attacked with a gas bomb. May 6, 2001
Episode 15 A warehouse worker gets stuck in a freezer and Adam learns the truth from Elaine. May 13, 2001
Episode 16 Blue Watch rescue a married man left hanging after visiting his lover and an arsonist starts a fire at a hospital. May 20, 2001
Series 14
Episode 1 Recall rescues a baby but tragedy strikes moments later. July 7, 2002
Episode 2 Recall's funeral. July 14, 2002
Episode 3 Blue Watch get a new recruit. July 21, 2002
Episode 4 Mick and Frank are still at odds and the two pumps race each other to a shout. July 28, 2002
Episode 5 The inquiry into Recall's death takes place and Charlie gets a delivery at Blackwall. August 4, 2002
Episode 6 Sally's nephew turns up at the station and Adam gets mugged. August 11, 2002
Episode 7 The watch deal with a fire at a block of flats and Frank agrees to be on the boxing team. August 18, 2002
Episode 8 A Russian satellite is set to hit London and Blue Watch have to prepare. August 25, 2002

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