Karen Wilson
Occupation Unknown
Spouse(s) Mike Wilson (divorced)
Relatives Melanie (daughter)
Played by Mandy More
First appearance Series 1, episode 1 (1988)
Last appearance Series 5, episode 10 (1992)

Karen Wilson was the first wife of firefighter Mike 'Bayleaf' Wilson and the mother of his daughter, Melanie. She couldn't cope with being the wife of a fireman and was suspicious of his friendship with firewoman Josie Ingham, and they separated. She walked up to Josie outside Blackwall and threw her wedding ring at her. Karen then suffered a mental breakdown and Bayleaf was awarded custody of Melanie. Karen returned several years later with a new boyfriend intending to regain custody of Melanie. She then kidnapped her and took her to Spain. Bayleaf located Melanie and brought her home. Karen was not heard from again.

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