Jim Medhurst
Occupation Thief
Spouse(s) Dulcie
Relatives Kevin (son)
Venetia (daughter)
Micky (son)
Played by Doug Fisher
First appearance Ding Dong Merrily (1988)
Last appearance Series 6, Episode 9 (1993)

Jim Medhurst was the father of firefighter Kevin Medhurst and his siblings Venetia and Micky, and husband of Dulcie. Jim was a career thief who spent much of his life in prison and continually caused Kevin problems.

In the Christmas Special, Jim turns up at Blackwall.  Bayleaf mistakes him for a 'Dosser looking for a handout', but Kevin reveals that he has escaped from prison.  They set Jim up in the basement gear room, where Kevin tells Jim it was a stupid idea to escape. John Hallam sees Kevin leaving, and then hears Jim. Kevin is taken to see Tate, but they are called out on a shout before Kevin can explain the reasons. Jim leaves the basement and appears in the mess, where MaggieNancy and little Paul were. He decides to give him self up, and is seen outside the station with two Police cars arriving.

Kevin arrives back from the shout, and Maggie tells him that his dad had been looking for him. Tate then reminds Kevin that he hadn't told him why his dad was in the gear room. Kevin says that he was probably just looking for the toilet.

In Series 3, Jim is released from prison, but Dulcie refuses to let him stay, because she knows he will only turn back to his old ways again. Kevin manages to persuade Marion to let him stay with her, but before long, Jim steals her gas and electric money from a tin while she is out getting fish and chips. Marion calls Kevin at the station to tell him, and he says he will replace the money, and asks her not to call the police. Jim is later seen hanging around with tramps, and is later arrested for apparently kicking in a shop doorway. Kevin visits him in jail and tells Jim that he wants nothing more to do with him.

Jim next appears in series 6, when he is released from prison. Kevin initially isn't pleased to see him, but finds Jim waiting for him outside the station one evening, and they go for a drink. This is when Jim reveals to Kevin that he has terminal cancer. Kevin wins a greyhound in a game of cards, and allows Jim to walk the dog. Soon after, unscrupulous buisiness man Charlie Ross coerces Jim into feeding up the dog so that it will slow down, and so that Charlie's dog can win. Jim initially refuses, but Charlie offers him £5,000, which sufficiently tempts Jim. He feeds the dog tit bits, and the dog eventually loses its first proper race, much to the upset of members of Blue Watch who had bet on it.

In Series 6, Episode 9, when visiting the dog at the kennel, the kennel boy tells Kevin that Jim had been friendly with Charlie Ross, and Kevin suspects that Jim had fixed the race with Charlie.

Later, a policeman knocks on Dulcie's door, and learns that Jim has collapsed in the street. A message gets to Kevin on returning from a shout, and George drives Kevin to the hospital. When they arrive, Kevin finds out that Jim had died just before he arrived.

Kevin goes to Jim's bedsit to take away his things, and the landlady hands him a box, which she assumes Jim had meant to post. Kevin opens the box in his car, and finds it stuffed with money, and a note. Kevin starts crying. 

Jim's funeral takes place in episode 10.

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