Jean Quigley
Occupation -
Spouse(s) Bert 'Sicknote' Quigley
Relatives -
Played by Amanda Dickinson (series 1-12)
Joanne Zorian (pilot)
First appearance Pilot (1986)
Last appearance Series 12, Episode 15 (2000)

Jean Quigley was the long-suffering wife of Firefighter Bert 'Sicknote' Quigley, who appeared in London's Burning from the pilot movie until series 12.


Jean was the wife of pompous and fussy hypochondriac Bert Quigley. They met at POPS, an amateur dramatics group, and often appeared on the stage together. They otherwise had little in common; she was cynical and sarcastic, and would typically greet Bert's campaigns with a disbelieving roll of the eyes, reluctantly going along with them for as long as they lasted.

Bert and Jean briefly split up in series 2 when the theatre group's newest leading light Dominic was chosen ahead of him for a starring role and she refused to withdraw from the play in support, so he moved in with Charisma. Eventually they were reconciled after Dominic was incapacitated and they needed Bert for the play after all. Jean later walked out on him after he had an affair with Cynthia but they once again made up.

When Sicknote was elected as a local councillor, Jean soon grew weary of it when she found herself returning home to find irate members of the electorate outside. She was delighted when he finally gave up on his political ambitions. After a shout at a farm, Sicknote came home with a stray dog, which was noisy, smell and ugly. Eventually she warned him that either the dog went or he would.

In early series Bert and Jean had children, although they were never referred to again in later series. Jean fell pregnant during series 11, but miscarried. She and Bert later adoped a boy, Owen.


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Jean Quigley made 110 appearances in London's Burning between 1986 and 2000.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jean was played by Amanda Dickinson from series 1 through series 12. She was played by Joanne Zorian in the pilot movie in a brief appearance at a gathering of the firemen's wives.

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