There are number of continuity errors seen in London's Burning when stated facts are later contradicted as well as other production errors.

The Quigleys' and Hallams' children

Prior to series 4, Sicknote and his wife Jean are stated to have children. For instance, Jean discusses with Nancy Tate what will happen to the kids if she turns pro with Dominic. But when Jean falls pregnant much later in the series, Sicknote mentions that they had previously never had children. The Hallams also had children in early series; their young daughter Lillian was seen when John tried to remove a stray tarpaulin from a neighbour's roof. However they were not seen or referred to in later episodes, although it is never explicitly mentioned that they do not exist.*

Kate's friends

When Kate Stevens is introduced in series 3, she shares a flat with her friends Mary (played by Deirdre Harrison) and Sue (Kiran Hocking). However in subsequent episodes the characters were inexplicably swapped. Mary was now portrayed by Kiran Hocking and Sue by Deirdre Harrison.*

* These errors are partially explained by a fire at the Jacob Street studios in 1991, in which London's Burning production notes were lost.

Jaffa Parrish's real name

While visiting the station to complain about Colin being left on probation, his mum calls Jaffa "Lionel", which Bayleaf and co mockingly repeat. However after Jaffa is hospitalised with burns in a later series, a doctor refers to him as "Oliver Parrish".

Colin's uniform

Billy lends out an old uniform he found in a store room to mates of his, who use it to masquerade as firemen and sell dodgy smoke detectors. Nick later states that the uniform Billy took belonged to Colin, yet the uniform they use has Sub Officer markings despite Colin never progressing beyond the rank of fireman.

Wrong Character, Wrong Name
  • After Jaffa and Colin were sold a dodgy window cleaning round by Technique, Kevin asks Colin, "have you and Technique caught up with Jaffa yet?"
  • In series 11 at the explosion at Cannon Wharf while carrying the unaccounted man out Dan says "let's try and be optimistic Sicknote", but he is with Jack, while Sicknote has just gone up the ladder (this may not be an error, as it was established that Dan was still learning the names of Blue Watch and may have mistaken him).
Re-used footage
  • In the series 10 episode when a car lot is on fire, several clips are 'borrowed' from an earlier series 6 shout at the huge petrol station fire. These include a Renault car (reg B649 CLY) exploding and shots of burning petrol on the ground.
  • The flashover in the old factory's ventilation duct (where the pop video is being shot) borrows a shot of the flashover in the laser arcade shout from a series 7 episode. The arcade's overhead walkway and the icon of the woman holding the laser gun are visible.
Newspaper article

After the appliance crash involving Bayleaf, ACO Bulstrode reads a newspaper cutting about the incident. Upon closer examination, the article is just the same lines repeated over and over.

Leaking water tank

When the appliance crashes and flips over in the Christmas episode, water is seen spilling out of the top of the appliance. In reality the tank would be mounted at the bottom of the appliance. However, this is a deliberate error as the tank was moved to the top to make the vehicle more unstable and easier to tip over.

Stuntmen and actors

In a number of episodes, regular stunt men can be seen portraying people involved in incidents. In later series they show up more and more, such as when a man climbs a chimney due for demolition, he also appears in earlier series, for example at Tate's retirement party in Series 3.

CGI flames

The shout where the paedophile's car gets petrol bombed was done using CGI. The flames are not consistent between shots and there is no smoke whatsoever.

At a science lab fire, started when a teacher knocks over a bunsen burner onto flammable liquids, parts of the workbench instantly catch fire that were nowhere near the liquids.

DVD covers

There are a number of errors on DVD packaging. These include:

One actor, two roles

Several actors appear in the series as different characters.

(Many of these may be the same character, as not all are different names/roles e.g Ona McCracken (Laura) may have been a police officer before meeting Recall)

One character, two actors

Actor/actress credited by wrong name

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