Episode 9 (series 13)
S13 Ep9
Series 13
Episode 9
Airdate March 18, 2001
Audience 10.47 million
Writer Jonathan Guy Lewis
Director Tim Leandro
Producer David Newcombe
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Episode 9 (series 13) is the ninth episode of the thirteenth season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on March 18, 2001.

Episode Summary Edit

Blue Watch are call at the reservoir and surprise is to turn out rescue the model boat belongs to the boy and the woman who is the Guvnor of Shadbrooks, Hyper and Adam retrieve the model boat from HP Adam found the motor circuit board of the boat is broken he would fix the boat and Steve Prentiss well pick it up. Back in Blackwall Andie turn up to tell the news from George at the hospital he'll be make a full recovery Hi Ho ask Andie to need a hand to take the class at the gym, Hi Ho accidenty Maggie fall at the mess her ankle spring nasty bruse ACO Coleman bring her home and back at Blackwall to find Pitbull eating his sandwich and ask to check the ALP, Sean turn up Sally in the locker room he accusing her about ruining his career, Coleman and Pitbull overheard drag away and Coleman told Bateman he's fired from the Fire Brigade later Sean is arrested from the Police.

Recall came home found Ben's note going for the job and he play Gameboy Pokemon and got a call from hyper, Stuart decided to turn up the Quiz Night at the Oliver Twist Coleman came tell Hyper and Melissa at Sean is charged at the police station, Sally and Recall turn up and suprise Ben is working at the bar with Elaine and Adam hosting as the Quizmaster as Blue Watch are set up the team for the quiz Elaine ask Adam to be a landlord. Geoff got home and have Fiona a massage she was thinking to arrange a christening for Eve and invite the people and an idea to find the god parents to pick.

Back at Blackwall Pitbull tell Sally he was wrong about Sean and apology. Coleman inform Sally that Police phoned Bateman is remain custody without bail he'll go on Trial. Maggie back at the mess with the bandage on her ankle, Geoff ask Maggie to do the food for the Christening till he take maggie home and let John know John suprise Alison came to see him, Adam and Hi Ho are going shopping with the ALP and spoke to Army Paratroopers at the traffic jam outside the tunnel untill the builders Van and Ambulance had collision inside the tunnel, Paratroops help Hi Ho and Adam and Hi Ho radio for enforcement  The van full of builders is involved. Inside the van, Dermot uses a mobile to ring for help but Kate can't hear him due to poor reception. She tries to radio Blackwall, but they're away from their radio. Just then, one of the cars explodes.


Episode NotesEdit

Excluding the movie, this and the following episode are the only two episodes of London's Burning that George Green (Glen Murphy) does not appear in.

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