Episode 9 (series 12)
S12 Ep9
Series 12
Episode 9
Airdate March 5, 2000
Audience 10.31 million
Writer Stephen Leather
Director Philippa Langdale
Producer David Newcombe
Previous episode Episode 8 (series 12)
Next episode Episode 10 (series 12)

Episode 9 (series 12) is the ninth episode of the twelfth season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on March 5, 2000.

Episode SummaryEdit

New day for Blue Watch Recall arrive at Blackwall with his new sports car new anorak. New arrival John Coleman drives his Morris Minor Traveler arrive at Blackwall and Join Blue Watch as a New Station Officer and Geoff bring Bruno in his office under the desk due to Fiona has allergic to Boxer dog and bring there honeymoon photo slideshow projector to show the watch George is in the bad mood. Blackwall and Shadbrook are training the Grotto, Sicknote, Dan and Recall take part in a wade through foam. Carmen shows how to use the high ladder to make an escape harness. Hi Ho winches Joe into the air for a laugh. Joe and Hi Ho have a race up the ladders and Hi Ho soaks Joe. They race to be the first to put their ladder away, but Blackwall's ladder nearly hits Coleman. Coleman tells them all off for making it into a competition, and warns Dan not to slip up again.

Kelly arrives at the Pearce's house to talk about George finding out about her affair.

Pearce puts his slide show on while they eat lunch. Joe's surprise slide of naked women appears and everyone cheers. A shout comes in for the pump only, and Coleman insists on going instead of Pearce. Hyper and Joe volunteer to be Sally's backing group, and perform "Tragedy" by Steps. Coleman sees them. He laughs. Sicknote asks Pearce is he could leave a bit early to say goodbye to Owen, whose parents are coming to collect him. The shout turns out to be a skip on fire, started by two young boys. Sicknote, now more confident with kids, speaks to the boys. Above a taxi office, in a room which evidently doubles as a drug dealing den, a young man arrives for work. When the pump gets back, the watch are waiting for Recall, where they hold a cremation ceremony for Recall's favourite old anorak.

A fight breaks out at the drug den, and the young man falls onto a bunsen burner. Soon, he and the building are alight. He runs into the road and is knocked over by a lorry. Several cars crash as a result. The pump is called. DO Griggs arrives to see Coleman. Griggs asks Coleman his opinion on Sicknote, Recall and Sally and he is positive about them all. Blue Watch attend a huge RTA while DO Griggs is visting. The pump is called out first while a group of illegal drug dealers set fire to their hideout. Back at the station Joe and Rob are in the bathroom when the bells go down. It turns out to be a full RTA attendance, both the pump ladder and Turntable Ladder respond. Sicknote helps a young woman who is injured while the first ambulance arrives on scene. Pearce makes a call to make pumps four. A building is on fire while the pump ladder crew arrives and they evacuate people from stores close by. One of the buildings then blows up.

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