Episode 8 (series 5)
S5 Ep8
Series 5
Episode 8
Airdate November 15, 1992
Audience Unknown
Writer Roger Marshall
Director Keith Washington
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 7 (series 5)
Next episode Episode 9 (series 5)

Episode 8 (series 5) is the eighth episode of the fifth series of London's Burning.

Episode SummaryEdit

Blue Watch are still training for their basketball match. Nick brings them their own team shirts emblazoned with their team's name, "Blackwall Blaze". Gangsters throw a molotov cocktail into a pub, which goes on fire. Upstairs, people are trapped in their flats. They rescue the people trapped but Hallam has to discard his BA and helmet before he can climb back out through a window.

Blackwall Blaze are ready for their first match. Their police opponents turn out to be much taller, and better. Colin gets his nose broken and Hallam has to fill in, but it doesn't help and Blue Watch suffer a resounding defeat. Hallam talks everyone into heading to the seaside for a booze up. Once there they find the club has been closed and the pier is deserted. They spot a girl jump off and Recall and Hallam dive in to save her.

They eventually find a pub, where they get rowdy and flirt with the local women. Hallam, Sicknote and Bayleaf drown their sorrows over their personal woes. Jaffa, unable to drink because he is driving, heads off to the van with a woman. Colin gets so drunk that he phones Zoe to propose to her, and she gleefully accepts. Whilst there a press photographer shows up looking for the heroic firemen who saved the girl's life. Kevin returns home late and rows with Marion about it. The next morning Sandra Hallam is not amused when she spots a picture of the lads celebrating and surrounded by women in a national newspaper.


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