Episode 8 (series 4)
S4 Ep8
Series 4
Episode 8
Airdate November 17, 1991
Audience Unknown
Writer Tony Hoare
Director Gerry Mill
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 7 (series 4)
Next episode Episode 9 (series 4)

Episode 8 (series 4) is the eighth episode of the fourth series of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on November 17, 1991.

Episode SummaryEdit

Sandra Hallam is not pleased when she learns of the watch's plans to go on a trip to Boulogne, regarding it as an excuse for a booze up. Sicknote has already taken charge of the "Blackwall Fire Station Twinning Committee" and makes a pompous speech in the mess promising to further the cause of Entente Cordiale with France while everyone hums Land of Hope and Glory. Helen has been sacked by Peter, so Malcolm tries to comfort her. Marion returns home from hospital with Kevin. Nick is exasperated as his family are still trying to matchmake for him and Ariadne. Lil makes a pass at George but he makes his excuses and leaves. Colin is irate because Kate is now off probation and he isn't, so he snaps at her.

A cement mixer driver uses a pneumatic drill in an attempt to clear cement from inside the drum of the mixer before it sets, however a big lump of concrete crashes onto him, trapping him. His young son calls the Fire Brigade, who realise that he has to be rescued quickly before more concrete falls down. Just as they free him, the man falls unconscious and dies with his wife and son watching on.

Blue Watch hold their charity pram race, to raise money for Recall's family to go to Disneyland, with everyone in fancy dress. Two CID officers arrive at Blackwall wanting to speak to Kevin and George about the assault on Rick and his friend. Both have a solid alibi, which convinces the police not to take the matter further. Kate has finally grown weary of Jeff (who wants to take her on a "survival course") and tells him the relationship is over. The pram race proves a success and they raise £1236.93 for the MacKenzies. Maggie then reveals that her daughter works for an airline, which has agreed to pay for flights for the entire family, leaving them the charity money to use for accommodation, food and fun.


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