Episode 7 (series 3)
S3 Ep7
Series 3
Episode 7
Airdate 11 November 1990
Audience Unknown
Writer Anita Bronson
Director John Reardon
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 6 (series 3)
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Episode 7 (series 3) is the seventh episode of the third series of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on 11 November 1990.

Episode SummaryEdit

Blue Watch are on night duty and have been called out to a number of "looney tune shouts", including a dustbin fire and a pregnant cat stuck up a tree. To everyone's relief Bayleaf is back as mess manager but the bells go down before they can eat. Tate catches Malcolm eating a sandwich en route to a shout and confiscates it. However, the sandwich comes in handy at the shout, a groom to be on his stag night has his head stuck between some railings. Tate uses the butter on the bread to ease the man out.

When they return to the station, Blue Watch realise their dinner has been burnt. Colin is volunteered to go down to the Chinese takeaway but he unwittingly returns with only rice and noodles. He later annoys them further by snoring in his sleep, so they pick him up and lock him out on the balcony. Kevin's dad Jim has been released from prison. He assures Kevin that he is going straight so Kevin persuades Marion to put him up. However, Jim then makes off with her gas and electricity money. A fire and explosion at a hospital causes panic and Blue Watch race to the fire. During the shout, Tate gets exhausted and breathless and is worried about his fitness in the Brigade. Sicknote announces his intentions to stand as a Green Party candidate in the local elections. Kelly and George practise their ballroom dancing for their TV appearance. Bayleaf receives his twenty years Brigade service medal.


  • Trixie - Tricia Thorns
  • Rumbold - Graeme Eton
  • Honeybourne - Fraser Downie
  • Ronnie - David Cardy
  • Middle-aged woman - Susan Field
  • Policeman - Jason Salkey
  • Chinese man - Ozzie Yue
  • Barrie - Willie Ross
  • Irate woman - Marina McConnell
  • Bag lady - Pamela Lyne
  • Ward sister - Sakuntala Ramanee
  • Woman patient - Corinne Harris
  • Sister - Vashti
  • Doctor - Jeremy Harrison
  • Melanie - Laura Hill
  • Peter - Rory McNicholl
  • Steven - Ben Robb

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