Episode 4 (series 3)
S3 Ep4
Series 3
Episode 4
Airdate 21 October 1990
Audience Unknown
Writer Anita Bronson
Director John Reardon
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 3 (series 3)
Next episode Episode 5 (series 3)

Episode 4 (series 3) is the fourth episode of the third series of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on 21 October 1990.

Episode SummaryEdit

Hallam saves a distressed claimant who sets fire to himself in a DHSS office. Later, Blue Watch are called to a collapsed trench at a building site. The foreman has ignored warnings that the trench is unsafe and now a young worker has been buried alive. Malcolm risks his own life to prevent the man from being buried further, and they are able to drag him out. Tate recommends Malcolm for a bravery commendation. Malcolm becomes a hero and is interviewed by a national newspaper, much to the annoyance of Sicknote, whose City Farm campaign has only received minimal coverage in the local press.

Technique is called to an interview at Brigade HQ, where he learns that he has been under surveillance from the Brigade investigators and is forced to resign, before he can be sacked for moonlighting. Upon hearing the news, Kevin rushes to warn Bayleaf, who is working as a painter and decorator. At Beattie's suggestion, George takes up ballroom dancing in the hope of meeting a nice woman.


  • Jim Mulligan - Carl Chase
  • Jimmy Mulligan - Glenn Marks
  • Construction company engineer - John Golightly
  • Site manager - Phil Atkinson
  • Wilson - Dan Hildebrand
  • DHSS manager - Jonathan Coyne
  • Miss Shrike - Steph Bramwell
  • Mrs Bainbridge - Pamela Cundell
  • Mr Bainbridge - John Dair
  • Customer - Jaye Griffiths
  • Reporter - Julia Dearden
  • Policeman - Miles Harvey
  • Officer at HQ - Nick Burnell
  • Janine - Sarah Bolden
  • Ritchie - Scott Riley

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