Episode 3 (series 4)
S4 Ep3
Series 4
Episode 3
Airdate October 13, 1991
Audience Unknown
Writer David Humphries
Director Gerry Mill
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 2 (series 4)
Next episode Episode 4 (series 4)

Episode 3 (series 4) is the third episode of London's Burning's fourth series. In the episode, Blue Watch get their new station officer, Nick Georgiadis and he is unimpressed with some of the lax ways at Blackwall.

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Melanie, Steven and Peter are bickering and driving Bayleaf and Clare mad. A stranger shows up at Blackwall, it is Nick Georgiadis, their new Station Officer. Things get off to a bad start when Bayleaf points him up to Hallam's office instead of taking him up. He already has a nickname: Zorba. Nick is a strict disciplinarian, and finds fault with Blue Watch's sloppy appearance and lackadaisical attitude.

They are interrupted by a shout at a sewer, where there has been a gas explosion, trapping three workmen underground. Nick commands the situation adeptly and Malcolm, Kevin and Bayleaf go down and rescue the three men. There is tension between Nick and Hallam, Nick knows that Hallam tried for promotion and failed. To make things worse for Hallam, Sandra is still moaning about her kitchen. Nick suspects he already has a nickname and advises the watch not to use it near him. Once he has gone, Bayleaf starts humming a bouzouki tune and they all link arms and perform a Greek dance. Nick spots them, but just rolls his eyes.

Kelly still isn't sure if she is pregnant, which is infuriating George. Kevin confronts Venetia's boyfriend Rick but is overpowered by his friends and beaten up. Malcolm drops Helen off at work when Peter fails to pick her up. At the next roll call Nick notices Kevin's injuries and informs him he is unfit for duty. Kevin argues with him about it and gets an angry reprimand in Nick's office. Blue Watch are called out to a trapped person and find a naked Chinese woman sitting in a bath with her thumbs stuck up the taps. Colin is awestruck. They are unable to ease her thumbs out, so they have to cut the taps off and send her to hospital.


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