Episode 3 (series 11)
S11 Ep3
Series 11
Episode 3
Airdate 26 September 1998
Audience 7.11 million
Writer Len Collin
Director Joanna Hogg
Producer David Shanks
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Episode 3 (series 11) is the third episode of the eleventh season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on September 26, 1998.

Episode SummaryEdit

Joe is en route to work with his girlfriend Jacqui, who wants them to buy a flat. Joe doesn't appear keen. At Blackwall Pitbull talks to reporters about recent local arson attacks by someone nicknamed "The Torch". George is despondent about failing his fitness test, so Sally offers to help him get in shape. Joe is still talking about Dan's error at the warehouse shout and how he is not fit for command. Tension erupts between them once more during a BA exercise in the yard. Dan apologises to Jack for his mistake and admits that Jack was right.

Dan is doubting his abilities and confides in Pearce, who is reassuring. The bells go down, and Blue Watch arrive to find an obese burglar who has got stuck in a narrow gap between two walls whilst fleeing the scene. The only way to free him is to cut a hole in one of the houses, through the kitchen. While making up the equipment, tension flares when a snide remark from Joe angers Dan, who pins him against the appliance. An onlooker intervenes to break them up, and tells them both off for their behaviour. Pearce arrives to take charge. He is taken aback when the stranger introduces himself as Chris Hammond, Blue Watch's new Station Officer.

Back at the station, Dan, Joe and Pearce are summoned to Hammond's office for a reprimand. Pearce is accused of not doing his job properly. The watch have a laugh about Sally's idea of a charity calender, when Hammond joins the rest of the watch for their meal, to an awkward silence. The ask him about his past. He gives little away, though does mention past postings at Wembley and Euston, and that he was at the big King's Cross fire. After work, Jack and Recall go clubbing with two nurses, Dan and Geoff share a takeaway and Kelly gets a job as a barmaid at a club.

At the next duty, they attend a shout at a church, which first seems derelict. Sally and Joe are sent in to the crypt to rescue a dosser, while Pearce and the others tackle the blaze. Part of the building collapses, so Chris withdraws the crews. Sally ignores the orders and gets trapped whilst trying to rescue the dosser with her air running low. Dan, Joe and Sicknote have to clear rubble to get through to Sally and pull her clear of the church. Off duty, Chris gets a surprise when his estranged daughter turns up at his house.


Appearances Edit

S.O. Chris Hammond first appearance


  • "Holding Back the Years" - Simply Red
  • "It's Not Unusual" - Tom Jones