Episode 2 (series 10)
S10 Ep2
Series 10
Episode 2
Airdate September 28 1997
Audience Unknown
Writer Simon Sharkey
Director Frank W. Smith
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 1 (series 10)
Next episode Episode 3 (series 10)

Episode 2 (series 10) is the second episode of the tenth season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on September 28, 1997.

Episode SummaryEdit

Blue Watch are still attending the train fire. While off duty Pearce sees Sandra Hallam out shopping and they discuss Recall's marriage break up. Carole confronts Martin over who was driving their car when it hit the cyclist. Sicknote visits a Chinese doctor and comes back with a remedy to cure his skin complaint. Billy is told his Nan has been taken into hospital. George is finally fit again for work after the crash and returns for the next shift. Georgiadis is told he is going on an exchange visit to Holland. The Watch are called to houses opposite the station as a woman has locked herself out of the flat, she realises she has left the iron on and her child is inside. The child is rescued safely. Carole returns home to see Martin has trashed the place and left her. Billy goes to the hospital to see his nan only to be told his nan has died.


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