Episode 1 (series 5)
S5 Ep1
Series 5
Episode 1
Airdate September 27, 1992
Audience Unknown
Writer David Humphries
Director John Reardon
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 10 (series 4)
Next episode Episode 2 (series 5)

Episode 1 (series 5) is the first episode of the fifth series of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on September 27, 1992.

Episode SummaryEdit

John Hallam is still off active duty and receiving counselling after being buried alive in the warehouse fire. Nick, George, Kevin and Colin are on a routine safety inspection at a shopping centre where the head of security tells them he has heard rumours about Blackwall being closed down. Back at the station they suggest cleaning it up a bit and Bayleaf, still on light duties, is put in charge of the operation.

Bayleaf's ex-wife Karen arrives at his house with her new husband and tells Clare that she intends to regain custody of Melanie. When Bayleaf returns home they row about it and Melanie says she wants to stay where she is. Karen accuses Bayleaf and Clare of turning Melanie against her and leaves, vowing to take the matter to court.

Pumps from several stations are called to investigate unexplained smoke coming out of a tunnel ventilation shaft, but it turns out to be a dosser frying up sausages. Paul talks Jean and Sicknote into taking part in POPS' production of Richard III. Malcolm takes Helen out on a shopping trip, where they get frisky in one of the changing cubicles, and George and Colin win some goldfish at a fairground. George, Kevin and Bayleaf go to meet Recall, Laura, Ben and Jamie at the airport after their trip to Disneyland. Recall has brought a plastic fireman back to serve as their station mascot.

When Hallam visits the station he is bemused to find that the watch have decided to cheer the place up by adding a little pond and the plastic fireman (now christened Bulstrode) to the front of the station. When Georgiadis sees it he is fuming and orders Bayleaf to get rid of it. Blue Watch are then called to the fairground, where a group of yobs have caused havoc by jamming the ferris wheel mechanics with a metal pole, leaving people squashed and dangling in mid air.  When the watch return, they discover that their mascot Bulstrode is missing.


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