Episode 1 (series 2)
S2 Ep1
Series 2
Episode 1
Airdate 22 October 1989
Audience Unknown
Writer Anita Bronson
Director John Reardon
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Ding Dong Merrily
Next episode Episode 2 (series 2)

Episode 1 (series 2) is the first episode of London's Burning's second series. It was first broadcast in the UK on ITV on 22 October 1989.

Episode SummaryEdit

Blue Watch have a photo taken with ADO Petrie who is retiring from the Brigade. Maggie is in tears, despite Bayleaf pointing out that the ADO is only retiring. Josie is tasked with buying his leaving present and Sicknote starts a no smoking campaign. Kevin's mum phones the station. His younger brother Micky has been bunking off school again.

The watch are called to a blaze at a hostel, where one of the guests has started a fire while cooking in the room. Tate lectures one of the occupants (cooking in the rooms is against the rules) but Kevin tries to defend her and gets a reprimand by Tate. Blackwall are assisted at the blaze by Borough Street. Tony overhears their Leading Fireman, Scouser, being racially abusive towards a black fireman, Maddox. Hallam is due to take charge of Borough Street's Blue Watch while their Station Officer is away.

Sicknote moans about the damages of smoking as Vaseline smokes right in front of him. Elsewhere, Bayleaf and Hallam smoke in the gents. Bayleaf confides that he now only sees Melanie one weekend a month. Hallam invites Bayleaf round to dinner, at Sandra's request. Dorothy takes part in a 'Grab For Grub' race in a Hypermarket, in a bid to win a house. She doesn't win the house and also gets injured for her trouble. To make matters worse, she failed to even grab some decent food, as Tony points out. A man with an interest in bondage is tied up by his female escort, who then breaks her ankle, leaving him trapped in a room. The watch have to free him, whilst struggling to conceal their giggles.

Hallam and Bayleaf go to a wine bar, where they find Vaseline moonlighting as a barman. Hallam reveals to Bayleaf that Sandra has also invited Clare over, a fireman's widow. As the four have dinner, it becomes apparent that Sandra is intent on matchmaking, and persuades Bayleaf to give Clare a lift home. Kevin finds Micky hanging around with his mates and tells him that he will make him attend school tomorrow.

Clare and Bayleaf realise they have been set up by Sandra. They nonetheless get along and Bayleaf suggests they go out for a meal. The next day, Kevin personally takes Micky to school and consequently arrives late for work. Tate wants an explanation from Kevin for being late and Kevin says he overslept. Tate warns him about his attitude. The Watch are called to Micky's school but it is a hoax call, made by Micky and his friends. That evening, Kevin confronts Micky and and bickers with his sister Venetia, who defends Micky.

Bayleaf has Melanie for the weekend. She wants to stay with him permanently and gets upset when he says she's not allowed to. George and Malcolm moonlight as drivers for Cyril. George picks up a pretty woman named Julia at a wedding, but is unable to get her to talk to him. Malcolm has more success and reveals she is a librarian who likes poetry. George approaches her and asks her out, but she flatly turns him down.

Charisma once again tries to persuade Donna to leave his house, but she is intransigent and asks whether his compensation money has come through yet. George joins the library. The watch are not enjoying their meal. Bayleaf reveals that it is full of tomato soup, courtesy of Dorothy. George is pining for Julia, which annoys Tate. Malcolm calls it love-at-first-sight-itus. The watch resolve to help George win her heart.

The next day Julia reads out a 16th century poem George has sent her (via Malcolm) and is touched. Marion tries to discuss baby names but Vaseline is not interested and tells her that as it is her baby, she can call it what she likes. George reveals that he didn't understand a word of the poem, but it impressed Julia. Next, they ask a favour from Sicknote. He stands behind a tree outside Julia's apartment singing "If I Loved You" from Carousel while George mimes to it. Bayleaf, Tony and Malcolm are in hysterics as they watch from the car. It works and Julia blows George a kiss. George hugs Sicknote, who then starts singing "On the Street Where You Live" and has to be dragged away.

George takes a bundle of philosophy books back to the library. Julia comments on his varied interests and his wonderful singing voice. She asks him out for a date on Friday. A fire erupts at the hostel again, but this time it engulfs the majority of the building. As Blue Watch arrive, some occupants become desperate and jump from windows. A woman drops her baby, then jumps. Maddox from Borough Street is just about to enter the blaze, when Tony notices that his DSU is missing off his BA. The watch are called out to another hoax call at Micky's school.


Appearances Edit

Clare Wilson, Julia, Dulcie Medhurst, Venetia Medhurst, Micky Medhurst, Desmond Maddox and Scouser make their first appearances.

Frank Petrie Make his last appearance.

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