Episode 1 (series 11)
S11 Ep1
Series 11
Episode 1
Airdate 12 September 1998
Audience 9.02 million
Writer Tony Lindsay
Director Ian Knox
Producer David Shanks
Previous episode Episode 18 (series 10)
Next episode Episode 2 (series 11)

Episode 1 (series 11) is the first episode of the eleventh season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on September 12, 1998. New firefighters Sally Fields, Joe Walker and Dan Barratt begin their first day at Blackwall.

Episode SummaryEdit

Nick Georgiadis has been promoted to ADO, and Geoff Pearce is acting Station Officer. Sicknote has also been made up to Leading Firefighter. Blue Watch have two new additions: Leading Firefighter Dan Barratt and Firefighter Joe Walker. A third new recruit, Sally Fields, is late for her first day at Blackwall.

Sally eventually turns up, but before Pearce can discipline her, both appliances are called to an explosion at a sluice gate in Cannon Wharf. On arrival, they discover one man is unaccounted for, so Dan leads a team to rescue the man, who is trapped under the sluice gate with the water level rising. when they released the gate, the man is swept under the gate with Dan diving under to follow.

There is already tension between Dan and Joe, who are both attracted to Sally. Meanwhile, they are summoned to a huge warehouse fire. Dan is already under pressure, and his orders come under question when Recall and Jack are left trapped. Georgiadis returns as ADO to supervise the location of an important fire exit. A huge flashover then envelops the building.


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