Episode 14 (series 13)
S13 Ep14
Series 13
Episode 14
Airdate May 6, 2001
Audience 7.06 million
Writer Colin Steven
Director Nigel Douglas
Producer David Newcombe
Previous episode Episode 13 (series 13)
Next episode Episode 15 (series 13)

Episode 14 (series 13) is the fourteenth episode of the thirteenth season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on May 6, 2001. Hi-Ho considers leaving the Brigade after the Rachel Jones incident while Adam is arrested for GBH. Geoff however makes Hi-Ho rethink his decision by taking him to vist the graves of Hallam, Joe and Sicknote.


  • Lenny - Liam Kersey
  • Martin Benjamin - Jack Carr
  • Dexter - John Ashton
  • Luke - Scott Neal
  • DS Mortimer - Susan Tordoff
  • Steve Morris - Stuart Organ
  • Mrs Rhys - Jackie Lye
  • Penny - Kelly Salmon
  • Paul - James Bourne
  • Jez - Jake Ritzema
  • Watkins - Kammy Darweish
  • Coroner - Rose English
  • Policeman - Patrick Myers

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