Episode 11 (series 7)
S7 Ep11
Series 7
Episode 11
Airdate November 13, 1994
Audience Unknown
Writer David Humphries
Director Gerry Mill
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 10 (series 7)
Next episode Episode 12 (series 7)

Episode 11 (series 7) is the eleventh episode of the seventh series of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on November 13, 1994.

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Sicknote is growing more concerned about his receding hairline, but Jean is unsympathetic. A familiar face returns to Blackwall: Charisma. Having left Blue Watch some years earlier, he has decided to transfer back from staff. Nick and Sally immediately appreciate the irony of his nickname. George asks Jaffa to fill in for him for an hour at the end of his shift, so that he can be on time for his job at the theatre. The phony firemen are caught out by an old lady whose grandson is in the Brigade and recognizes the old uniforms.

Nick sets the Watch an unusual drill, the station is on fire and they have to work out how to deal with it. The bells go down and Nick's crew departs, leaving Hallam's crew to continue the drill. They enter the kitchen in BA and frighten Maggie, who accidentally kicks a hose. The jet goes off and soaks the entire kitchen, including their lunch.

Sandra's new boss makes a pass at her. Clare, increasingly suspicious of Trevor, does some investigating and visits an accountant. George leaves the station early and Jaffa takes over for him. Blue Watch are called out to a huge explosion. A gas depot is on fire and gas canisters are exploding everywhere causing chaos and making work dangerous. Jaffa heads to the pump to call in more reinforcements, just as a gas canister smashes into the windscreen of the appliance and the cab bursts into flames.


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Lesley 'Charisma' Appleby return this episode

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