Episode Name Cause of Death
London's Burning: the Movie Unnamed Toddler Trapped in fire along with two siblings and was dead by the time Bayleaf found her.
London's Burning: the Movie Ethnic Rioters on his estate dropped a paving slab on his head, and he died at the scene.
Episode 1 (series 1) Old Lady Commited suicide by stepping in front of a lorry. Sicknote later found her severed head.
Episode 2 (series 1) Samina Died during a fire at the factory she worked at.
Episode 3 (series 2) Curly Impaled on sharp railings after falling from his ladder. Died of his injuries at the scene.
Episode 7 (series 2) Micky Fell asleep in a bonfire and was accidently burned to death upon being lit.
Episode 8 (series 2) Vaseline Drowned when his BA malfunctioned underwater whilst rescuing a van driver in the Thames.
Episode 5 (series 4) Unnamed youth Decapitated while joyriding on the roof of a lift with his friend. 
Episode 6 (series 4) Marina Security Guard Killed in gas explosion on a boat. His charred body was found by Kevin.
Episode 8 (series 4) Dave Coyne While drilling concrete in a cement mixing truck a large piece fell on him. He succumbed to his injuries at the scene.
Episode 2 (series 5) Unnamed toddler Burned to death in a car fire accidentally started by her brother while he was playing with matches.
Episode 3 (series 5) Paul Sidwell Fell to his death from a crane after being spooked by a passing helicopter.
Episode 6 (series 5) Older man Burned to death when a fire broke out in an underground garage.
Episode 6 (series 5) Younger man Overcome by smoke after being unable to escape the fire at the underground garage.
Episode 2 (series 6) Woman Committed suicide at a river after drugging her young son. George and Colin retrieved her body.
Episode 2 (series 6) Jasmin Killed in flat fire.
Episode 2 (series 6) Fatima Killed in flat fire.
Episode 2 (series 6) Famina Killed in flat fire.
Episode 9 (series 6) Jim Medhurst Died of heart attack after being found in street.
Episode 10 (series 6) Mo A friend of Billy's who was crushed under a block and died at the scene.
Episode 7 (series 7) Donald Fell to his death after losing his footing on a roof while Pearce tried to talk him round.
Episode 10 (series 7) Joan Following a row with her ex-lover she got drunk and started burning things. She then fell asleep and the fire got out of control.
Episode 7 (series 8) Ariadne Estafis Left in a coma after falling down stairs and died in hospital of her injuries.
Episode 11 (series 8) Junkie #1 Fell asleep while high in his bedsit and his cigarette set him alight as he slept.
Episode 11 (series 8) Junkie #2 Burned to death in the bedsit fire accidentally started by his friend.
Episode 5 (series 9) John Hallam Sustained serious injuries after falling 80ft when a catwalk in an old factory collapsed under his feet. Died in hospital.
Episode 13 (series 9) Man Crushed when metal pipes fell on him and died of his injuries at the scene.
Episode 2 (series 10) Nanny Ray Died off screen in hospital of an unspecified illness.
Episode 7 (series 10) Boy Died in house fire.
Episode 11 (series 10) Clive Killed by Billy's sister Jo.
Episode 14 (series 10) Man in phone box Crushed when a van reversed into the phone box he was using and died at the scene
Episode 8 (series 11) Nick Georgiadis Killed when a ceiling collapsed on him during a cinema fire.
Episode 2 (series 12) Liam Died in hospital of injuries sustained in a hotel fire after being missed by Recall
Episode 4 (series 12) Debby Doused herself in petrol intending to commit suicide was talked round by Sally. A thermostat then caused a spark and set the petrol alight, killing her.
Episode 16 (series 12) Sicknote Killed in an explosion at a fireworks warehouse
Episode 16 (series 12) Joe Walker Killed in an explosion at a fireworks warehouse
Episode 12 (series 13) Rachel Injured in fire at her flat and died in hospital.
Episode 1 (series 14) Recall Suffered a heart attack at a shout and died at the scene.
Episode 2 (series 14) Colin Beaten up by Frank Mooney as a job for Jimmy Watts. The man then died in his sleep after choking on his own blood.

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