Occupation Minicab operator
Spouse(s) Beattie
Relatives George Green (brother-in-law)
6 children
Played by Ken Stott (1 episode)
Henry Goodman (1 episode)
Frederick Warder
First appearance Series 1, Episode 1 (1988)
Last appearance Series 10, Episode 18 (1998)

Cyril was the brother in law of George Green and the husband of George's sister Beattie. Cyril ran a cab firm and George used to moonlight as a driver from him. On Christmas Day, George and Vaseline drove for Cyril, however Vaseline crashed his car into a house and George was arrested for kerbcrawling by an undercover policewoman, and had to spent the night in a cell. Cyril was unsympathetic when George asked him to bail him out and hung up on him.

Later, having run up heavy debts and with his business on the verge of bankruptcy, he fled and left his wife Beattie to pick up the pieces. Several years later he returned, now working as Phil Elkins' chauffeur. He wanted George to go into business with him by running a health club together. George initially wanted nothing to do with him but relented and also agreed to persuade Beattie to give Cyril a second chance. However, Elkins then had it burned down in an insurance scam, while Cyril, Beattie and Kelly were inside. Afterwards, Cyril and Beattie ended up living above a sex shop.


See also: Cyril/Appearances

Cyril appeared in 22 episodes of London's Burning between 1988 and 1998:

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