Craig Ross
Rank Firefighter
Station Blackwall Fire Station
Spouse(s) -
Relatives Dexter Ross (father)
Played by Leon Black
First appearance Series 14, episode 3 (2002)
Last appearance Series 14, episode 8 (2002)

Craig Ross was a probationary firefighter who joined Blackwall Blue Watch during series 14 as Recall's replacement. He was the son of DO Dexter Ross.


Craig Ross joined Blackwall as a replacement for Stuart 'Recall' McKenzie  straight out of training school. Like Colin Parrish, he was very enthusiastic and green and usually fell for pranks and gags. When seeing his first dead body, Craig was struck hard by this and froze. The images remained in his head and he ended up crashing his car. Frank Mooney was very unsympathetic towards Craig. Once Craig accidentally knocked Frank's tea into him and Frank asked to be kept away from him as it was like "having a kid around".

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