Borough Street Fire Station
Borough street
Name Borough Street Fire Station
Brigade London Fire Brigade
Area South East
Features 1 Pump Ladder (pump and pump ladder series 2)

1 Pump
1 HP

Real station Old Kent Road

Borough Street Fire Station is a fictional fire station in the London Fire Brigade's South East Area, near to Blackwall. John Hallam was appointed acting Station Officer at Borough Street, where he witnessed a racist incident which almost ended in the death of a black officer. Members of Borough Street 'kidnapped' Blue Watch's gnome station mascot, so in retaliation they stole the Borough Street Station Officer's false teeth. It was also the the former station of Recall and Pitbull as well as the home station of Vernon 'Clingfilm' Chivers, who was often seen crewing their Hydraulic Platform.

The Borough Street station seen in London's Burning is the former Old Kent Road Fire Station (rebuilt 2014-15).

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