Blackwall Fire Station
Blackwall 2
Name Blackwall Fire Station
Brigade London Fire Brigade
Area South East
Features 2 pumps

1 ALP (S13)

Real station Dockhead/Leyton

Blackwall Fire Station was the home station of Blue Watch in London's Burning. It was in Blackwall, in the London borough of Tower Hamlets. The station seen up to series 12 is a real working fire station, Dockhead, in Bermondsey on Wolsley Street, about half a mile from Tower Bridge. In series 13 Blackwall moved to new premises nearby (the real life Leyton Fire Station). 

The Blackwall seen up until Series 12 was a much older station, and featured a recreational room (though rarely seen after Series 1), mess room, games room, watch room, BA room and 3 appliance bays which had the supports replaced in series 12. The mess room and kitchen was where the watches usually were and where they ate. The mess room was refurbished in between Series 5 and Series 6. There were various offices and a dormitory as well as separate sleeping rooms for more senior officers. The station officers room was where the various station officers were based. It was noted by Scase that Tate's office was much brighter and comfortable than his station commander's office. Tate told him that this was because the rank ADO was created after they had made the station officer rank and thus had to find space in existing stations. 

By Series 13, Blackwall had moved to a newer, more modern station which was a lot bigger and had more facilities, although it only had 2 bays. It also featured a roof garden which Pitbull was in charge of. 

In Series 13, George and Adam drove past the old Blackwall which was now boarded up, and it was revealed that there were plans to turn it into a posh restaurant with flats on top. George, who didn't really like the idea, noted that Sicknote would be turning in his grave by now.

One episode showed an old map of the Blackwall area before it was built-over; the map showed countryside and marsh, and "The Black Wall" (perhaps a defence against high-tide flooding) running west to east across the top (north) of the map.