Big Ron
Big Ron
Occupation Unknown
Spouse(s) Doreen
Relatives Unknown
Played by Bunny May
First appearance Series 2, Episode 2 (1989)
Last appearance Series 2, Episode 4 (1989)

Big Ron was the Australian boyfriend of Charisma's sister Doreen. He got on well with Charisma, and told him exaggerated tales about the Australian way of life, which Charisma then bored everyone at the station with. Whenever Charisma mentioned him, the others would burst into a chorus of "Biiiig Ron, big bad Ron!" Shortly after their arrival Big Ron was bed ridden with the flu, which he attributed to the "killer Pom climate".

Once he was well again Charisma took him and the lads from the station out for a booze up, where Big Ron regaled everyone with far fetched stories about living as an outlaw and a crocodile hunter, and his encounter with a Nazi surgeon. He then got drunk and started dancing on the tables singing Waltzing Matilda, but fell off and fractured his ribs. He and Doreen returned to Australia soon after.

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